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Energy Psychology Research
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The State of Energy Psychology Research  

Energy psychology (EP) modalities have been researched in more than 7 countries and by more than 50 investigators. While many important questions remain to be answered, a great deal of groundwork is in place.


Some EP researchers are affiliated with these institutions:

  • USA - Harvard Medical School, University of California at Berkeley, City University of New York, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Texas A&M University
  • Sweden - Lund University
  • Turkey - Ankara University
  • Philippines - Santo Tomas University
  • England - Lister Hospital
  • Peru - Cesar Valleho University
  • Australia - Griffith University
Results have been published in more than 15 different peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the APA journals Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training and Review of General Psychology. The next frontier of EP research includes reproducing the studies that have not yet been replicated, and investigating the physiological changes that occur during the application of EP modalities, using such tools as DNA microarrays (gene chips), MEGs (magnetoencephalograms), fMRIs and neurotransmitter and hormone assays.



Review of the research

David Feinstein has written the most recent and comprehensive review of research in energy psychology available. It was published in November, 2012 in The Review of General Psychology, a peer-reviewd APA journal. Read the article

How the research section is organized
We’ve done our best to organize our research section to meet diverse needs. Many articles are listed in several sections. For example, a published article on using EP for refugees would be listed under 'population studies' as well as 'published research' (publication format section).

Here’s an overview. We hope you find it helpful. If you know of a study that you don’t see listed, please email John Freedom



Organized by scientific rigor 
Research studies in this section are categorized in order of increasing scientific rigor (or the hierarchy of evidence). They range from informal, anecdotal reports to randomized controlled studies. Search now

Organized by specific condition

All of the studies in this section answer the question "Does EP work for this particular condition?” They look at the effectiveness of energy psychology in treating different conditions such as trauma, anxiety and athletic performance. Search now

Mechanism studies

"Mechanisms of action" describe what is happening in the body during application of the technique. These papers describe the neurological, epigenetic, psychoneuroimmunological and hormonal pathways that are believed to be active during EP interventions. They answer the question, "How does this work?”
Search now
Population studies  
These reports describe the use of energy psychology modalities with various groups, such as university students, prisoners, refugees, or abused children. The photo shows orphans of the 1994 Rwandan genocide using EFT to heal trauma. Search now

Clinical case studies

These are studies of one individual in a clinical setting. They are formal reports using established pre and post intervention assessments. Search now
Review articles 
These articles gather all the evidence for a method (such as EFT or TFT) or a condition (such as phobias, PTSD or pain). They review the studies that have been completed and draw general conclusions about the characteristics of the method. Search now
Organized by publication format 
This section allows you to focus your research on published or unpublished work. It includes articles, presented papers and dissertations. Search now


Energy psychology – selected references

Just want to look at the major research articles in this field? This is the place for you. View selected references

Energy medicine – selected references
Energy medicine is closely related to energy psychology. View selected references


Conduct your own energy psychology study
We need more research studies on the effectiveness of energy psychology, and you can help. Learn more 

Conduct a literature search
Want to conduct a more extensive literature search on energy psychology and energy medicine? Learn more



Support more energy psychology research
Many EP studies have been performed by teams of dedicated (and often unpaid) volunteers. A great need exists for money and expertise to perform the next level of research, including replication of published studies, and to pay for lab tests, gene chips, and data analysis. Donate now



Questions or suggestions about our research section?
Please contact John Freedom
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