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Jump Up! New Member Contest
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Help Grow the Family


With 1,200 members, ACEP has made a difference in the field of energy psychology. But it’s time to jump up to the next level. Just imagine the increased leverage and energy ACEP will have with a membership of 2,500!

We’re ready to jump up and grow our family! You can help – and be eligible for some very cool rewards.

Tell me more about the awards

Monthly Winners / 50% off your membership next year
  • Members need at least 2 new members in a month to win
  • If there’s a tie, both win
  • New student members count as ½, since their membership dues are lower

Quarterly Winners  / 100% off your membership next year

  • Members can win once a year
  • You can win the quarterly award even if you have been a monthly winner
  • To be eligible, you must bring in at least 3 new members

Annual Winner  / You attend the annual conference for free (main conference only)

  • Members can win even if they have won a monthly or quarterly prize
  • Winners can choose to give their award to someone else

All Winners

  • Are celebrated in the ACEP Member Newsletter and in the Energy Field

We hope you’re ready to jump up with us! If half of you bring in two new members, we’ve reached our first goal. And you have 17 chances to win!

How can I get started?

You can send an email or give them a print brochure.


Give them a print brochure
  1. Get print brochures from the office.
  2. Once we know you'll be handing out print brochures, we'll add your name to

  3. Write or stamp your name in the white box on the brochure.

  4. Give them to your colleagues, and ask them to visit the web page on the brochure ( when they register. All they have to do is click your name on the web page, join ACEP, and you'll get credit.

Send an email

Click here to watch a short video showing how easy it is to send a trackable referral link via email

  1. Sign in to to your Member Profile

  2. Click Manage Profile at the top of the web page

  3. Scroll to the Community section at the bottom of the page. Click Referrals.

  4. Click Refer a Friend

    At this point, you have two choices. You can refer up to 10 people at a time right on the referral page. An email will be automatically generated to your recipients, along with space for a personal message from you.

    OR - You can email colleagues as you normally would. Use the following Step 5 if you'd like to do this.  

    ALSO use Step 5 to link your personalized referral link to the new ACEP Member logo for use on your web site. You can download this logo below.

  5. Go to Your Referral Direct Link 

Your personalized link will be found in the box at the bottom of the page. 
Copy this link, and add it to your email, inviting your friends to join. When they click on that link to join, you’ll get credit. Also add this link to the new ACEP Member logo, and include the linked logo in your email. You can download the logo below.


    And - we invite you to add this ACEP Member logo to your website with instructions, such as: Join the ACEP Community – click here (add your personalized link).

Download the ACEP Member logo

We’ve prepared a few other resources that you can use to spread the word and grow the family. Download them here.

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